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By February 8, 2020July 28th, 202181 Comments

“Here are the best graphic design trends 2020, and I bet you, they all steal your heart!”

So, the year 2020 has finally arrived and we are into the 2nd month of this year. Everyone is looking at what the world of graphic design and graphic design trends will look like. Undeniably, graphic design has been a category of enormous inspiration and deep admiration.

We all have no patience to know about the latest designs. We have researched to find out the specific and different trends which will be renowned during this whole year.

Graphic Design Trends 2020 List:

There are a lot of designs trending this year. But, let’s talk about the top 13 graphic design trends 2020, highly breath-taking and genuinely captivating! Keep reading till the very end to get a complete understanding of the topic.

  1. 3D depth and realism
  2. Shiny metals
  3. Going monochrome
  4. Image and text masking
  5. Typography craze
  6. Collages of drawings and photos
  7. Line art
  8. Isometric illustrations
  9. Simplified illustrations
  10. Patterns and textures
  11. Earthy colors: a sense of vintage
  12. Liquids
  13. Geometric designs

Let’s discuss one by one in details.


1. 3D depth and Realism

In 2019, the 3D trend was at its zenith, and it mainly would not go away so fast. In 2020, there will be more attractive 3D compositions of graphic design, thanks to the opportunities of software capabilities and modern technology. Additionally, the designer makes a combination of 3D designing with the realities to make it more creative.

3d image



2. Shiny Metals

In graphic designing, using metallic items has considered an ultra-trending for product designing and branding identity. According to the rule, this trend needs an overall minimalist design, as the focus is on the metallic effect. Mostly the designers prefer gold – it expresses class, luxury, and a great taste. Using the shiny surface over the matte surfaces helps to get this effect.

Shiny metal graphic design



3. Going Monochrome

In 2017, there was a tendency of web and graphic designers to use the monochromatic color effect on images. The same trend has evolved again with a more streamlined version. The filter of monochrome color is used on partial elements or photos in graphic designing.

Monochrome color



4. Text and Image Masking

Text and image masking is not the latest technique in the field of graphic designing; however, it appears quite different in 2020. As a large portion of the picture is hidden, it assists in achieving a minimalist and mysterious look. This year, the designers will be making compositions with the text and image masking to get the desired effect.

Masking text




5. Typography Craze

For creating more modern and innovative compositions, the designers are playing with the typography this year. This trend includes decorations with geometric shapes, beautiful flowers, and more elements; therefore, it is considered the best solution to grab attention. In combination with the maxi typography trend from the graphic design trends 2019, the artistic typography in 2002 will really amaze everyone.



6. Collages of Photos and Drawings

This year, we have been noticing a creative and exciting trend which recaps is of the drawings that we used to make in school, such as doodling. It has initiated as a fun trend by now become such a hit that we want to see it all around the web. When it is used in graphic designing, doodling assists in achieving more handcrafted, personalized, informal, and overall feeling of fun regarding the composition.

7. Line Art

In 2018 and 2019, there was a trend of outline elements and typography, which is now evolving into fully animated and illustrated line art designs and patterns. Line art is a simplified and schematic style of illustration.


line art


Line art is best for conveying ideas and concepts. It seems unobtrusive, elegant, and clean. Line art is one of the best styles of decoration in graphic design trends 2020.

8. Isometric Illustrations

For many years, isometric illustrations have been present in graphic designing trends, and they have undergone different alterations. These illustrations are used for web design, infographic design, and presentation designs, and they are the perfect choice as their capability to demonstrate a 3D object on a 2D surface.

isometric illustration


9. Simplified Illustrations

It is not new to use illustrations in graphic design. The designers include a drawing to deliver their ideas and concepts and communicate better. Simplified illustrations are the best choice when it comes to talking about graphic design trends in 2020.

The lack of detail permits the designers to concentrate not on the art but the message it delivers. The illustrations in the design seem sketchy and oversimplified in 2020.

10. Textures and Patterns

The textures and patterns were not trendy when the flat design ruled on the web. Now, we all see a change in the use of texture and patterns but it is different from that of traditional designs. Making a combination of various patterns in a design or only parts of models covering the screen will be a standard in 2020.

11. The Earthy Colors: A Sense of Vintage

It is quite hard that you are unable to remember the fantastic 50s and the trend that was following it. The designs of the 50s are a great source of inspiration for graphic designers. By using the hand-drawn ink and earthy color nuances illustrations, the graphic and web designers are making the compositions that express the home-feelings of 50s’ designs.

12. Liquids

In comparison to the geometric shapes that have strictly fixed curves and edges, the liquid forms show movement, agility, and creativity. A lot of designers want to recreate; they leave out the edges, which assist them in achieving a soft and smooth look. They definitely count it into the graphic design trends 2020, in combination with other effects, for instance, animations, color gradients, bright colors, semi-transparency, etc.

13. Geometric Designs

Every individual in graphic art and design will let you know – it is all about the basic geometric shapes. And, a lot of designers are directing for simplicity in the design, using plain geometric shapes is one of the field’s leading trends for 2020. The geometric designs may appear dull. However, they need a lot of work for recreating a composition that includes the right meaning for the people to understand.

The Verdict

The graphic design trends 2020 are quite impressive and super diverse! During this year, we are going to see unique design work with fantastic color selections, typography, doodling, line art, retro-style designs, and many more.

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